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Sightseeing Information

Kumano Hongu Tourism Association
Information for the Kumano Hongu area including accomodation, festivals and local history. Many pictures of the area in all seasons.

Wakayama Tourism Federation
wakayama-banner.jpgWakayama Prefecture‘s official tourism site. Basic overview of sightseeing possibilities in the region.

Japan National Tourist Organization
An amazing site with loads of useful information for travel throughout Japan.

Koyasan Tourist Association
Koyasan‘s official website. Includes a list of all of the Temples that offer accomodation.

Nankai Railways site about Koyasan. Has a map and detailed transportation information.

Koyasan Cross-cultural Communication Network
This is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing accurate and useful information for visitors wanting to learn more about Koyasan.

Shirahama is a resort town on the south side of Tanabe Bay famous for its white beach and onsen. It is popular for guests to stay in Tanabe to take advantage of cheaper accomodations and a wide variety of restaurants and pubs while making a day trip to Shirahama.

A coastal town with hot springs and fishing port. It is also the site of Kumano Nachi Taisha and Nachi waterfall.

The site of Kumano Hayatama Taisha and Gotobiki-iwa.

Kushimoto is the most southern tip of the Kii peninsula and has some beautiful sites.

Wakayama City
Wakayama is the capital city of Wakayama Prefecture located south of Osaka and the Kansai International Airport. Famous sites include Wakayama Castle and Kiimi-dera temple.

Higashi-Kishu IT Community
This website has information dealing with the Kumano Kodo Ise-ji route. has a basic overview of the area in their Kumano Travel Guide section.
Excellent resource for onsen (hot springs) throughout Japan, including the Kumano region.

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World Heritage

Unesco World Heritage
The official site of UNESCO World Heritage. The Official Documents (Advisory Body Evaluation) PDF file at the bottom of the page offers an accurate historical and religious background on the area.

Wakayama Prefecture World Heritage Centre
Has most of the same information as the UNESCO page but is easier to navigate and also includes some pictures.

Wakayama Cultural Heritage Department
Outline of "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range" World Heritage site with pictures.

Kumano Hongu Heritage Center
The Kumano Hongu Heritage Center is a new visitors' center in Hongu featuring detailed exhibitions (in English) on the "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes of the Kii Mountain Range" UNESCO World Heritage Property.

Spiritual Pilgrimages
A joint website of the only two UNESCO World Heritage registered pilgrimage routes: Kumano Kodo and the Way of St.James.

Destination Roros, Norway
The world Heritage Site of Roros Mining Town was added to UNESCOs list of World Heritage Sites in 1980. A colorful and charming mountain town, shaped by mining operations and agriculture for hundreds of years. WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow, Destination Stewardship Award 2012 winner. This dynamic community shares the same values of Sustainable Tourism as we do.

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Japanese Religion

Encyclopedia of Shinto
Kokugakuin University's detailed site that covers all aspects of Shinto.

A-to-Z Photo Dictionary of Japanese Buddhism
Descriptions and photos of an extensive array of Buddhist and Shinto dieties.

Jinja-Honcho The Association of Shinto Shrines
This is a religious organization which administrates about 80,000 Shinto Shrines throughout Japan. This site contains information about Shinto beliefs, rites and festivals.

Shugendo Now
This feature documentary is an experiential journey into the mystical practices of Japanese mountain asceticism.

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Tour Agents & Outdoor Professionals

Kumano Travel is the official travel company of the Tanabe City/Kumano Region. It is a local, community-based initiative created to supply visitors with quality information, services, and products so they can fully experience travelling in the area. About Kumano Travel >>

Japan Holidays
This Australia based company offers a Kumano Pilgrimage Trail tour in their Authentic Japan Experience line-up.

Experience Japan
Experience Japan offers a private guided tour and self-guided walking tour on the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route.

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Other Links

Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau | News Blog
The official news blog of the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau, including scrapbooks of regional media coverage.

Kumano Field Museum
A site about the Kumano area including historical stories accompanied with pictures of mandalas and scrolls.

Kansai Window
A portal site for the Kansai area.

Hida Satoyama Cycling
Hida Satoyama Cycling is based in Hida, a rural area in Gifu Prefecture. This project is managed by the local Chura-boshi Company, which shares similar values and goals in regards to rural development with the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau.

Kodo Guide
One of the best local sites for information about the cities and trails of magical Kumano. 

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Japanese Links

Ryujin Tourist Association

Nakahechi Tourist Association

Tanabe City

Oto Tourist Association

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