KUMANO KODO KAN Pilgrimage Center

KUMANO KODO KAN Pilgrimage Center is a facility designed to offer an introduction to the UNESCO World Heritage sacred sites and pilgrimage routes in the area, and support pilgrims and hikers. Takijiri-oji, the traditional entrance to the sacred mountains of Kumano, is located close by and is a popular starting point for walking the Nakahechi section of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route.

General Information

Location: Across from Takijiri-oji on route #311.
Hours: 9:00~17:00
(Open year round except new year's holidays)
Price: Free
Access: Daily buses from Tanabe, Shirahama & Hongu.
Closest bus stop is Takijiri 滝尻.
Bus Timetables (#1, #2) >>
Parking: Yes, Free

Services & Facilities

※ All permanent exhibitions and videos include English translations.



Outdoor Shop

kodo-kan-outdoor-shop.jpgThere is a small outdoor shop located in the Kumano Kodo Kan pilgrimage center.  

There are small backpacks, walking sticks, hats, shirts, etc. 

This is a good place to pick up last minute goods for your Kumano Kodo walk.


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