Tanabe is a great place to enjoy the delicious traditional cuisine of the Japanese countryside, both from the sea and from the mountains. The rich Kuroshio ocean current sweeps across the southern tip of the Kii Peninsula bringing with it a plethora of fresh seafood. The surrounding lush mountain side has a long culinary history of cooking with wild plants and animals.

Menu Translation Project

One of the great joys of travelling (especially to Japan) is to dine on local foods. But this can be an intimidating experience to try and find a good place and then deciphering the menu.
We are working on a menu translation project to allow our guests to truly experience the joys of eating fresh, delicious, rural Japanese cuisine in a relaxed, authentic environment.
New!! Tanabe City Gourmet Map

Special rice bowl menu

Tanabe's restaurants are showcasing local cuisine in unique and original rice bowls.

Rice bowl special lunch menu (Japanese website) >>

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