Tanabe City Gourmet Map

number-sign-sample.jpgThe entertainment area in front of the JR Kii-Tanabe station is called “Ajikoji” and is packed with over 200 restaurants and Japanese style pubs (Izakaya) . It is considered to be the most concentrated of its kind for a city of this size in the entire country of Japan. Every alley is full of quaint places to eat and drink. The Tanabe City Gourmet Map features 29 of these establishments including 26 with English menus. Look for a small sign by the entrance like the one to the right. The number on the sign corresponds to the number on the map.

Tanabe is a safe place for non-Japanese speakers to fully experience delicious local cuisine in an authentic environment. Unlike most tourist areas Tanabe’s restaurants are geared toward locals, so the food is always fresh and cheap. The fish market even takes place at 3 pm, instead of the morning, so the seafood is world class. Enjoy!

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