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Kumano Travel offers a variety of services and products for visitors to the region. We hope that guests will profit from these to create a personally designed trip to fully experience this special area.

Visiting the Japanese countryside can sometimes be difficult due to language and cultural barriers. Our services and products are designed to bridge these barriers in a positive, sustainable fashion.

Travel responsible, book local!


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Accommodation Reservations

index.jpgKumano Travel is dedicated to working with and expanding a local network of accommodations across the region including Hotels, Ryokan (Traditional Inns), Minshuku (Guesthouses), Temple lodgings, and others. 

Our system is created so even the smallest accommodation in the remotest area can join Kumano Travel.

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Tour & Activity Bookings

taiko-participant.jpgWe believe that interacting with the local people is a positive and important part of travelling. We are therefore working with local suppliers regarding logistical and booking support for their tours and activities. 

We hope that our reservation site will be a positive force to initiate unique experiences and interactions between visitors and local residents.

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Travel Services

obento.jpgTo make guests' visit more enjoyable we offer a variety of travel services.

By helping with travel details, we hope that you can concentrate on your journey of discovery.

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Model Itineraries

yamabushi-sunset.jpgWe have made several Model Itineraries to help you link the many sites and experiences together into your travels.

You can use them as they are, or take the ideas and create your own unique itinerary. The freedom to discover is yours!

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Tour Agent Support

tour-agent-support.jpgWe support tour agents with tour creation and bookings.

Please feel free to use our reservation site, or contact us directly for details.

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