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Where's Kumano?

Kumano_ocean.jpgKumano is a sacred area in the south of the Kii Peninsula home to the Kumano Sanzan World Heritage shrines and has been a pilgrimage mecca for over 1000 years.
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What's the weather like?

weather.jpgThe climate in the Kumano is temperate, especially along the coastal areas. Once you get into the mountains weather can change quickly. It rarely snows in the southern portion of Wakayama prefecture.
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Are there any downloadable maps or pamphlets for the area?

pamphlets.jpgYes, we have many maps and pamphlets that are downloadble in PDF format. Maps include Japanese characters to make them user friendly when navigating the area.
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What's Tenjinzaki?

Tenjinzaki.jpgTenjinzaki is a cape on the north side of Tanabe Bay. It is a local hotspot for outdoor activities and is one of Japan‘s founding National Trust sites.
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What's an Oji?

Tsugizakura-oji.jpgOjis are shrines along the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route. They served as sites of worship, ritual and rest and are an integral part of the pilgrimage to Kumano.
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Are there coin-lockers in the area?

coin-locker-q-a.jpgYes, there are coin lockers in the area. These are convenient to store your luggage while you visit sites.
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What do previous guests have to say about the area?

guest-comment.jpgThe region draws a wide range of visitors, each experiencing something different along the way. We have collected some comments from previous visitors for reference on our website. There are also guest reviews on the Kumano Travel reservation system.

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Historical Figures

Who is Ueshiba Morihei?

Ueshiba-Morihei.jpgUeshiba Morihei is the founder of the martial art Aikido. He was born in Tanabe and his gravesite is located there on the grounds of the Kozanji Temple.
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Who is Minakata Kumagusu?

Minakata_Kumagusu_srnd.jpgMinakata Kumagusu was an eccentric genius researcher and pioneering environmentalist who devoted his life to learning.
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