Cape Tenjinzaki

Preserving the Rich Green and Sea

tenjinzaki-test-350_1.jpgTenjinzaki is a point on the north side of the Tanabe Bay, across the bay from the Shirahama Hot Springs. The green, thick natural seaside forests on the hillside thrive despite the strong coastal winds. The sea directly links with the Pacific Ocean, and when the tide is low, a flat, rocky terrain of some 13 ha is seen along the beach.

The Tanabe Bay is one of the most valuable natural environments in the world for its abundance and variety of sea life. Under the influence of the warm Kuroshio Current, and with many reefs that slow the movement of the currents, the Bay nurtures the growth of many species of larvae born in the southern seas.

The Tanabe Bay opens up to the west. In the wintertime, therefore, the seasonal northwest winds force the Kuroshio Current into the bay, helping to prevent to lowering of the water temperature.

An important point is the outstanding stability of its overall environment. Behind the bay are the seaside forests and their humus soil continues to supply nutrients to the water. The forests also serve to prevent mud and sand from flowing into the water by rain and wind.

The most wonderful and distinctive feature of the nature in Tenjinzaki is the formation of a single, rich ecosystem encompassing forests, shore and sea, in spite of its vicinity to an urban area. Here, plants and animals in the seaside forests and those in the sea, with inter-tidal ones on the reefs, thrive together in their respective territories.

In 1974, when we, citizen volunteers, learned of a plan for an exclusive vacation home development on Tenjinzaki , we petitioned Tanabe city and the Wakayama prefectural governments to use their power to restrain the development.

The natural environment can hardly be restored once it is destroyed. When we realized that the solution through the governments would be difficult, we decided to buy up the land as our last resort and set out on the Tenjinzaki movement.

With our hope to leave this natural environment to future generations, we established the Foundation.

Caring for Tenjinzaki Foundation

The name of our Foundation uses the words “care for” rather than “project”. Our idea is that “project” implies the presence of enemies and there should be no enemies against this movement. We wish everyone to understand our movement , to cooperate and care for the nature in Tenjinzaki. Our Foundation was designated as very first Natural Environment Conservation Corporation in Japan.

Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture

Adapted text from the Guide to National Trusts in Japan.

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