Machi-Navi Audio Guide

Tanabe City Machi-Navi Audio Guide

machi-navi-poster-web_0.jpgExperience the local culture, history and lifestyle of Japan's spiritual countryside!


-Machi-Navi Audio Guide is a walking/cycling tour of Tanabe with an MP3 player. There are number plates located at important cultural and historical sites throughout the city. To listen to the dialogue related to the site, just input the associated number and enjoy! It is an independent, go at your own pace tour, so depending on the course you choose, method of transportation, etc, it is difficult to estimate how much time it will take. There are 21 sites, so if you give yourself an hour or so you should be able to experience most of them.


-Audio Guide Players are available for Rental from 10:00-15:00. Return by 17:00.


-You can pick up an Audio Guide Player at the Tanabe Information Center in front of JR Kii-Tanabe Station.


-Only 200yen for the Audio Guide Player Rental. Free download from our website!

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