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3 Steps Before Submitting a Contact Form

  1. Check our “How to Book” article FIRST to answer your questions before sending contact mail!
  2. Visit the FAQs page for commonly asked questions about the KUMANO TRAVEL Community Reservation System.
  3. Log in to your MyPage account and use the MyChat function to contact staff to check the status of your KUMANO TRAVEL reservation request.
    Currently, there is a large volume of information requests and due to high demand of the Kumano Kodo, completion of a booking may take up to 30 days. Reservations are not booked in real time. We sincerely appreciate your support of local sustainable tourism and thank you for your understanding in advance.
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Contact form e-mails may be confused for Spam or Junk mail and filtered by your e-mail or virus software. To make sure that you receive these e-mails, please add our e-mail address or domain to your contacts, safe list, or white list.

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Error Message

I have been trying to add something to the cart on the KUMANO TRAVEL community reservation system and get this error. What does it mean?

Sorry, reservations are not available for this date or it is below the minimum number of days required to make a reservation request.

This could mean that the accommodation is fully booked, or closed. It could also mean that it is 10 days or less before the day of departure which is past the deadline for online reservation requests.

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