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  • Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route Nakahechi
    The Kumano Kodo pilgrimage is an immersive journey for the active inquisitive traveler.

Pilgrimage to Japan’s

Spiritual Origins

The ancient Kumano region is nestled in the verdant mountains of Wakayama Prefecture—the spiritual heartland of Japan. Worshipped for centuries, this lush and rugged area has been considered the abode of the gods.

Walk the spiritual Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route, soak and relax in the healing waters of isolated onsen, dine on delicious local cuisine, interact with the friendly locals—what kind of adventures await you in this sacred land?

Kumano Kodo


For over 1000 years, people from all levels of society, including retired emperors and aristocrats, have made the arduous pilgrimage to the sacred sites in Kumano. These pilgrims used a network of routes, now called the Kumano Kodo, which stretched across the mountainous Kii Peninsula, weaving its way through remote villages and forests on a mixture of well-trodden trails and ancient cobblestone paths.

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【Kumano Kodo Spring 2024 (April 22 to May 14), No New Reservation Requests】

Sorry, the Kumano Kodo, Nakahechi and Kohechi are very full for the peak spring period, therefore we are not accepting new reservation requests via the KUMANO TRAVEL Community Based Reservation System. Thank you for your understanding.

■ PERIOD: Spring 2024 (April 22 to May 14) From May 15 bookings starts April 25th.
■ TYPE: Accommodation requests
■ AREA: Nakahechi route (not including Tanabe), and Kohechi route

NOTE: If you already have a booking request, please send us a message via MyChat for information about your current requests and additional support.

Thank you for visiting our site! The KUMANO TRAVEL Community Reservation Site is currently operating with set operational times.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

【Booking Times】
From Monday March 11, 2024: Daily 9:00 to 17:00 (Japan Standard Time)

During this time frame the KUMANO TRAVEL site is open for reservation requests. For current users access to your MyPage, including MyChat, changes and cancellations are available anytime with no closure period.

NOTE: We are not able to receive any last-minute reservation requests by e-mail or phone calls.

DETOUR NOTICE for the Kohechi Route

A landslide has closed Route 425 between Totsukawa Onsen and Nishinaka bus stop on the way to the Miura-toge Pass trailhead.

DETOUR NOTICE on the Kohechi Route

The main trail on the north side of the Obako-toge pass on the Kumano Kodo Kohechi route has experienced a landslide, so please follow the detour over the peak. (from May 2, 2023)


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Detailed pilgrimage route maps.


Local bus access information.


Sample trips for inspiration.


Short, fun and informational videos.


Way of St.James & the Kumano Kodo.


Find a place to dine on local cuisine.


A popular reference and souvenir book.


Baggage logistics during your trip.



Official Community Reservation System

KUMANO TRAVEL is the official community reservation system for the region, an international award-winning new model of grassroots tourism development. By making reservations locally with KUMANO TRAVEL you are directly supporting our community.

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