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How to Ride a Local Bus


There is a network of public busses throughout the area to access many of the villages in the mountains. Riding a local bus is easy once you learn the basic system as outlined below. In some of the more remote areas, busses run less frequently, so please plan accordingly. 

1. Enter through rear door (or front door if only one)

2. Take number ticket

3. Push button to inform driver that stop is wanted (it is also good practice to tell the driver where you want to get off when you board)

4. Match number ticket to the electronic fare chart at the front of the bus to determine fare (prices change according to distance travelled)
5. Change money if needed
6. Put money and ticket in fare box (exact fare)
7. Exit through front door

Fare Box & Change Machine

A. Fare Box
B. Insert coins for change
C. Insert bills for change
D. Change dispenser

How to Ride a Local Bus Video

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