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Water Sports & Tours

Go Kayaking

The beautiful, clear rivers flowing from the lush mountains of the Kii Peninsula are a fantastic place for kayaking. From beginner paddlers to experienced explorers, there is a river for you! The Kumano-gawa River is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes, an outstanding example of a sacred waterway. Seeing Kumano from the seat of a kayak is a unique way to actively experience Kumano and Japan’s pilgrimage culture. The Kitayama-gawa River (a tributary of the Kumano-gawa River) flows through the breathtaking Dorokyo Gorge.

Go Rafting

This rafting tour is on the beautiful Kitayama river in the extraordinary Dorokyo gorge. This scenic natural landscape features sheared cliffs, oddly shaped rocks, deep pools of water, and swift running rapids. Exploring by raft is a thrilling way to get up close and personal with the Dorokyo gorge.

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