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Home of Japanese Soy Sauce

A building in the special preservation district of old town Yuasa, origin of soy sauce in Japan.

Visitors to the historic coastal town of Yuasa can step back in time along the maze-like streets with well-preserved period architecture and visit the home of Japanese soy sauce (known as “shoyu” in Japan).

Once an important trade and fishing stop along the Kumano Kodo Kii-ji route between Osaka and Tanabe, its famed soy sauce became popular with Edo feudal lords (1603-1868) and with pilgrims all over Japan who made a point to stop in Yuasa.

Modern travelers can stroll around town or rent a bicycle from the tourist information office not far from Yuasa Station and tour the preserved architecture, enjoy local fish and mikan oranges, and visit the famed Yuasa soy sauce brewery.

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