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Kumano Kodo Stopover

The small mountain village of Koguchi is nestled along the Akagi-gawa River almost directly in-between Hongu and Nachi for those walking the Kogumotori-goe and Ogumotori-goe routes.

In the summer, it is refreshing to put your feet in the river after a hot day’s hike.

The Kogumotori-goe route completes just a kilometer north of town at Kowaze where once a ferry used to stop and pick up passengers. There is a toilet here just across the bridge.

It is just a kilometer south to the center of town. Nearby you can find Koguchi Shizen-no-Ie which was converted into an inn from an old junior high school many years ago. There is also a campground not far away.

The start of the rugged and challenging Ogumotori-goe route is just a couple hundred meters south of the inn. There had been a small shop for travelers but will close soon.

Koguchi Area Accommodation

As accommodation is limited in Koguchi, consider other options which may require a shuttle or local bus to get you to your inn.

Koguchi Access

Koguchi Access by Public Bus via Kanmaru

There are public buses to/from Koguchi.  Coming from the Hongu area a transfer at Kanmaru is needed (Kanmaru bus stop pictured right).

There are busses to/from Shingu, as well, that also require a transfer at Kanmaru.

NOTE: bus times are sometimes different on weekends and weekdays.

Koguchi Bus Timetables

Kanmaru Bus Stop

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