Nakahechi Route | Kogumotori-goe
(Koguchi to Ukegawa in Hongu)

Route Guide | Kogumotori-goe (Koguchi to Ukegawa in Hongu)
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Kogumotori-goe (Koguchi to Ukegawa in Hongu)

The Kogumotori-goe and Ogumotori-goe sections of the Nakahechi Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route link the Hongu area and Kumano Nachi Taisha. These routes are commonly walked in either direction. There are no restaurants along the trail so it is best to bring a lunch. From the small village of Koguchi, the trail follows Highway #44 to the Kowase Bridge, where it crosses the Akagi-gawa River. The trail passes by a few houses and then into the forest. It is a continuous climb to the lookout point at the remains of the Sakura-jaya Teahouse.

The trail has some gentle ups and downs in addition to some nice ridge-walking sections. The Hyakken-gura lookout offers scenic vistas of the sacred Kumano Mountains and is one of the highlights of Kogumotori-goe. The trail gradually descends to Ukegawa on the banks of the Kumano-gawa River. From here it is a half-hour walk along Highway #168 to Kumano Hongu Taisha. Kawayu Onsen is a 25-minute walk up the Oto-gawa River.


Walker on Kogumotori-goe

View from trail



Course Data

Distance: ~13 kmkogumotori-goe-map.gif
Time: 4.5~6 hrs
※Walking times vary. Please plan accordingly.
Difficult rating: 4
What is difficult rating?
Total Elevation Gain: ~670 m
Total Elevation Loss: ~690 m
Access: Buses run to/from Koguchi from Shingu and Hongu. Please note that some buses run only on certain days and a transfer might be needed at Kanmaru: Bus Timetable #5. There are multiple bus lines that stop at Ukegawa. Buses to/from Tanabe: Bus Timetable #1 (Eastbound), Bus Timetable #2 (Westbound). From Shingu: Bus Timetable #3 (Northbound), Bus Timetable #4 (Southbound).
Nearest bus stops: Koguchi, Ukegawa
Accommodations: There are guesthouses in Koguchi. Lodgings are available in Hongu, Yunomine Onsen, and Kawayu Onsen.
Restrooms: Koguchi, Forestry junction south of Hyakken-gura, Ukegawa
Maps: Hongu area, Kawayu Onsen, Hongu, Yunomine Onsen


Kogumotori-goe (Koguchi to Ukegawa)

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Route Guide PDF:

Kogumotori-goe Trailhead in Ukegawa

ukegawa-trailhead-2_2.jpgUkegawa is a small settlement where the Oto River empties into the Kumano-gawa River. The trailhead (northern end of the Kogumotori-goe) is located in the south of the settlement along route 168.

It is possible to walk or take a public bus to/from Yunomine Onsen, Watarase Onsen, Kawayu Onsen or Hongu town site.



From Bus Walk Km
Kumano Hongu Taisha

5~20 min (Depends on bus)

~45 min ~3
Kawayu Onsen 5 min ~25 min ~2
Watarase Onsen 6 min ~45 min ~3.5
Yunomine Onsen 10 min

~2 hrs

Via Dainichi-goe to Hongu



Ukegawa-Yamazaki-shop-2.jpgYamazaki Shop

(Shimoji Grocery Shop)

This is a store between the Ukegawa bus stop and Kogumotori-goe trailhead.  It is a convenient place to by lunch, drinks, and snacks before your walk.

Open: 8:00~19:00

(sometimes open earlier)

Closed Wednesdays (from April 2016)

Koguchi Access by Public Bus

kanmaru-bus-stop.jpgThere are public busses to/from Koguchi.  Coming from the Hongu area a transfer at Kanmaru is needed.

There are limited direct busses to/from Shingu, otherwise a transfer at Kanmaru is needed (pictured right)

NOTE: bus times are sometimes different on weekends and weekdays.

Bus timetable #5 >>

No place to stay in Koguchi?

There are limited rooms in the tiny Koguchi settlement. If there is no accommodation available then taking an early morning bus to Koguchi to begin the walk is recommended.

Below is an overview of recommended bus access in the morning to Koguchi from the Hongu area (Yunomine Onsen, Kawayu Onsen, Watarase Onsen, etc), and from JR Shingu train station.

Kumano Kodo, Kogumotori-goe, Ogumotori-goe bus access

Koguchi Bus Access (Kogumotori-goe, Ogumotori-goe) PDF >>


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