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Susami Station to Mirozu Station

Nagai-zaka is a series of passes between Susami and Mirozu stations. The main Nagai-zaka section is on the eastern half. This is probably the most popular section of the Ohechi because of its diversity of scenery and ease of access from the train line.

Highlights include Wabukagawa-oji-jinja shrine, and the mountainous trail starting from Nagai-zaka west trailhead, including fabulous coastal water views from the ridge along the “danchiku” ancient road of pounded soil and clay at the ridge.

Course Data

Nagai-zaka Elevation & Distance Charts
Nagai-zaka Elevation & Distance Charts
Distance~11 km (~6.8 mi)
Time3~4 hrs
※Walking times vary. Please plan accordingly.
Difficulty RatingWhat is difficulty rating?
Total Elevation Gain~500 m (~1600 ft)
Total Elevation Loss ~495 m (~1600 ft)
AccessTrain Information
The JR trains are an efficient way to access the Ohechi Route, especially between Susami and Mirozu stations.
Nearest Train StationsSusami, Mirozu


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