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Gyuba-doji-guchi to Chikatsuyu-oji


The trail begins across Highway 311 from Kumano Kodo Nakahechi Michi-no-Eki rest stop. It is a short climb to the Hashiori-toge Pass where the small Gyuba-doji statue is located.

This statue shows Kazan, one of the first abdicated emperors to pilgrimage to Kumano, sitting on a horse and cow.

The trail descends a cobblestone staircase to a viewpoint of the Chikatsuyu Village below.

In the village across the Hiki-gawa River on your left is the Chikatsuyu-oji shrine.

Course Data

Distance1.3 km (~0.8 mi)
Time ~30 mins
※Walking times vary. Please plan accordingly.
Difficulty rating1  What is difficulty rating?
Total Elevation Gain~52 m (~170 ft)
Total Elevation Loss ~103 m (~338 ft)
AccessBus Timetable
Buses run from Kii-Tanabe and Shirahama to Gyuba-doji-guchi and Chikatsuyu. Bus Timetable #1 (Eastbound), Bus Timetable #2 (Westbound).
Nearest bus stop Gyuba-doji-guchi (Start), Chikatsuyu-oji (Finish)


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