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Akagi-goe (Yunomine Onsen to Funatama-jinja)

The Akagi-goe route links Yunomine Onsen, a hot spring with over 1800 years of history, and Funatama-jinja, which is on the main Nakahechi route.

It is a 6.5 km mountain trail that climbs up and over a ridge.

The Nabewari Jizo is a statue along the route. This section is often used by walkers to make a loop with the Nakahechi section from Hosshinmon-oji to Kumano Hongu Taisha.

Course Data

Distance~6.5 km (~4.5 mi)
Time3~4 hrs
※Walking times vary. Please plan accordingly.
Difficulty rating2.5  What is difficulty rating?
Total Elevation Gain~460 m (~1500 ft)
Total Elevation Loss~320 m (~1050 ft)
AccessBus Timetables
Buses lead to/from Yunomine Onsen daily from Tanabe: Bus Timetable #1 (Eastbound), Bus Timetable #2 (Westbound). Buses to/from Hosshinmon-oji and Kii-Tanabe also run through Nakahechi, Yunomine Onsen, Kawayu Onsen, and Hongu. Bus Timetable #6. See also Bus Timetable #1.
Nearest Bus StopsYunomine Onsen, Hosshinmon-oji.


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